Our Services

Peter and Licia provide many services in their effort to bring more love and consciousness to the world.  During their 7-year odyssey with their children, they were guided to learn new ways of being with one another, including how we handle power, anchoring the Aquarian Dynamic in their marriage and in their family.

Several bodies of work came as a result of this journey.  Sacred Systems ™ and UNITE ™  bring integration, revelation and true partnership in relationships, families, organizations, and in Self.  Licia and Peter teach this work in private consultations with couples, and in workshops, retreats, teleclasses and e-Courses.

Peter and Licia Berry

Peter, a visionary artist and gifted vibrational healer, creates one-of-a-kind SOUL BLUEPRINTS with his fractal art .  Learn more at his art website. 

Licia is an artist, author, educator and speaker with an international clientelle and readership.  Licia teaches other bodies of work including PEMS (Personal Energy Mechanics System) and The Frontier Inside ™.  Currently writing her next book, Licia offers events internationally and in Tallahassee, where the Berrys currently live.  Learn more about Licia’s work here.


Workshops and Retreats 

Peter and Licia have held retreats and workshops all over the country since 2003 to share our techniques and experience with people that truly want to learn the ways of Higher Love.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange an event in your area! 


Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Dreaming by Harry Clarke

Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Dreaming by Harry Clarke

Dreaming Your Relationship into Being   OCTOBER 2015


A weekend workshop by the sea that examines Aquarian Family Dynamics for individuals, couples and families who are looking for more genuine love in their life.

Peter and Licia Berry left mainstream culture and took their children on an adventure, a kind of spiritual odyssey, to reclaim love as their center.  The relationship in their family changed to one of shared power, respect, and love of a higher nature.  Along the way, they were given to understand that their love was a new paradigm that could be shared with others. 

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Love Changes EVERYTHING  2012

a retreat about the kind of love that heals the soul

with Licia and Peter Berry

Licia and Peter’s journey has been documented internationally in various articles, on websites and even published in Jack Canfield’s book “Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction”.

Peter and Licia met one fateful night in 1986 and immediately stepped into a destiny beyond their hopes and dreams.  For them, love has been a spiritual journey that changed their lives.

Harkening back to their childhood innate sense of what love could be, Licia and Peter listened to the sense that something bigger was at work.  They dropped the preconceived notions and mind games, surrendering to a larger logic and following their hearts into a partnership that has fostered their growth, evolution and joy.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

We are taught some pretty strange things about love….that it is scary, that we lose ourselves, that we have to control it, that it looks like something on TV and movies, or even that true love doesn’t exist except in fairy tales.  But Licia and Peter can tell you….they are evidence that walking through the fear and surrendering to the heart changes your life.   There is a higher expression of love that is REAL.

It is this higher love that created the container for the amazing healing adventures to occur for Licia and Peter.  It’s been nothing short of alchemy.

Come learn about the choices that led Licia and Peter to one another, the choices that created the container for them to heal, and the choices that kept them together when cultural conditioning threatened to drive them apart.

Not only will you learn and be inspired by their story, but you will do creative work to open yourself to this kind of love in your life, whether you are in currently in partnership (couples are invited!) or single and wanting to attract your soulmate.

Creative, experiential, informative, inspiring

YES, it is possible to find this kind of love.  YES, it is TRUE that this kind of love exists.


Please contact us if you’d like to arrange an event in your area!

The Energy of Letting GO (workshop in December 2003 in Asheville NC)

Sacred Systems ™ – the True Power of Integrated Feminine and Masculine Energy 2008